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We have a thriving Junior Section at Sand Moor Golf club supported by our dedicated Junior Organiser Natalie Balderson and PGA Professional Glen Ient

We offer a warm and friendly welcome to all Junior golfers, from those starting on their golfing journey, to supporting those ready to move onto playing golf as an adult. Sand Moor Golf Club is committed to providing a safe golfing environment for all young people whilst using our facilities.

Our Junior Section firmly believes that the life skills developed by participating in golf and being part of a Junior golf membership can help young golfers develop important life skills such as discipline, patience, perseverance, and sportsmanship. These skills can benefit them not only on the golf course, but in various aspects of their lives.

What we offer

Coaching and training

We are supported in the Junior Section by Glen Ient – PGA professional, who provides high-quality coaching and training programs for young golfers. Glen offers a range of opportunities for Juniors from Holiday Camps to 1-2-1 lessons or smaller groups.

Glen subsides the cost of junior individual lessons. To find out more about the junior lessons and the academy please click below:


Junior leagues and competitions

Our Junior Section organises regular leagues and competitions for its members. These events provide opportunities for juniors to compete in a structured setting, gain tournament experience, and showcase their talents.

Fun and engaging activities

In addition to competitive events, we also host fun and engaging activities for its members. These can include themed tournaments, team-building exercises, social events, and Junior golf camps, fostering a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment among young golfers.

Networking and mentorship opportunities

We provide opportunities for young golfers to network and connect with more experienced players, coaches, and mentors. This can lead to valuable relationships and guidance that can help juniors in their golfing journey.

Social media presence and recognition

Our Junior Section has a strong online presence, showcasing the achievements and progress of its members through social media platforms. This recognition can motivate and inspire Juniors and help build a positive reputation for the section.

Development programs

We offer development programs that focus on the holistic development of young golfers. These programs may include physical fitness training, mental game coaching, nutrition education, and character-building activities.

We recognise the value in parental involvement and support. We provide help, resources and support for parents. This can include educational workshops, communication channels, and opportunities for parents to engage with their child’s golfing journey through programmes such as Golf Access.

But most importantly we encourage our Junior Golfers to have fun and enjoy the fantastic game that Golf is.

Juniors & Safeguarding

Sand Moor Golf Club is committed to providing a safe golfing environment for all young people whilst using our facilities.