Sand Moor Golf Club - A Concise History
Sand Moor is an Alister MacKenzie designed course, created in 1926, situated 5 miles north of Leeds City Centre, with stunning views over Eccup reservoir. The course is well known for its four challenging, par 3's - The 8th, 10th, 15th and 17th holes, three of which (8th, 10th and 17th) were originally designed by MacKenzie. Dr Alister MacKenzie sat on the very first Greens Committee at the club - and famously went on to design Augusta National.

Sand Moor Golf Club - A Concise History

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Original Course Design

1. The 9th, now 10th green – note the size of the left-hand bunker.

2. View from the 10th, now 11th tee – there was no short hole, now 15th, to the left and beyond the Oak tree.

3. View from the 6th, now 7th green, towards the 15th, now 17th.

4. View across the 15th, now 17th, towards the 16th, now 18th tee – there is no front bunker.