Dress Code on the Golf Course

Golf shirts with collars, roll neck or crew neck may be worn and must be worn inside waistbands.

Ladies may wear collarless blouses/tops either tucked into waistbands or not.

Tailored shorts may be worn with socks of any length or colour.

Recognised golf shoes must be worn on the course.

Dress Code in the Clubhouse

Smart clothing must be worn at all time.

Shirts should be worn inside waistbands.

Shoes and socks should be worn, however during the summer months sandals designed to be worn without socks may be worn.

Caps and other headgear must not be worn, although religious head wear is accepted.

Coats, anoraks, golf waterproofs and other outdoor clothing must be removed.

Golf shoes should only be worn in the locker rooms and in the corridor between the back door and steps up to the reception area. Golf shoes should not be worn in either the lounge area or the dining room.

Not Permitted

Blue Denim
Replica shirts, e.g. Football/Rugby shirts

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Full Course Open. Please note the driving range is CLOSED at the following times: Monday: 6.30am - 11am. Tuesday - Friday: 6.30am - 8.30am Saturday: 5.30pm - Sunday morning
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